How To Rid Your Infestation

exterminator_imageIf you have ever suffered from a bed bug infestation, then you know what nasty and irritating critters they can be. While they are not known to carry or transmit any diseases, they are nasty and can bite you. The bites can lead to infection in certain individuals. If a bed bug infestation gets too far out of hand you will need to assistance of a professional. Bed bugs can be very hard to remove in apartment complexes, since they will migrate from unit to unit through the walls.

However, if you are currently suffering from a bed bug infestation there are some things that you can try on your own to remove the infestation. Below you will learn more information about this process and Bed Bug Extermination in Cincinnati.

Remove Clutter

Bed bugs prefer a living environment that is cluttered. The more organized and less clutter you have in your home, the easier it will be to remove the infestation. So, this will be the first place you start. By getting rid of clutter you will be eliminating potential bed bug hiding spots. Not to mention this will give you a lot more room to work around your home.


Vacuuming is not only good for removing dirt and small objects, but it is also great for removing bed bugs. Start by vacuuming the infected areas of the home thoroughly. Also be sure to keep an out for possible hiding places, while you are vacuuming.

Make sure that you vacuum furniture, mattresses, box springs, bed frames, curtains, baseboards, and basically any area that you can reach with your vacuum nozzle. If you have problems getting down on your hands and knees, you might have to hire someone to complete this step for you.

Another important tip is to make sure you are using a throw away vacuum bag. You do not want to leave any eggs stored in the vacuum cleaner while it is in the home.

Cleaning All Your Fabrics

Bed bugs do not hold up well against of the heat. One of the best ways to get bed bugs out of your clothing and bedding is to dry to items on high heat. You can also wash them in hot water is the items are applicable. When drying your clothes and bedding dry then as you normally would, then add an additional 30 minute cycle to the items.

When you are complete with the cycle the items should be hot to touch. It is also important not to cram the washer or dryer full when going through this process. You want to make sure that the heat is able to reach every inch of the item that you are washing or drying.


If you want to go a step further, you can even spray a light might of insecticides on the infected areas. After you have completed all the steps above you should be bed bug free. However, if you find that you are still having problems, then you might have to contact Bed Bug Extermination in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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How To Find an Exterminator And Suitable Bed Bug Treatment

exterminator_imageBed bugs can take over an entire house in a matter of days. An adult female can produce more than 200 eggs in her lifetime, which means that you home will be invaded, before you realize that you have an infestation. Bed bugs are about the same size as an apple seed, but when they consume a large quantity of blood, their body will expand quite large. If you have an infestation, you will need to find a Cincinnati bed bug treatment quickly.


If you are unfamiliar with the bed bug, you would be surprised to discover that they present with a sneaky behavior. The purpose of their deceptive behavior is because they do not want to get caught in action. Bed bugs target their host and feed on them at night, so their presence will not be noted.


There are a variety of bed bug treatments that you will have to select from. You can go the DIY route and attempt to rid your home of the infestation, but it will be no easy task. There are many store bought pesticides that will eradicate these parasites, but it will be ineffective in killing those that are hid away in your mattresses, headboards, and box springs. It is nearly impossible for the pesticide to reach the bedbugs that are located in the depths of your furniture. With this being said, you should skip the DIY route and go directly to hiring a professional exterminator that is knowledgeable on bed bug treatments.

Nowhere is Safe

Every home or commercial rental business is safe from bedbugs. While many victims may be under the impression that bed bugs only affect homes that are dirty, this is genuinely a myth. Many 5-star resorts and hospitals have admitted to being a target, so you should not be ashamed of your situation.

Travel Capabilities

Bedbugs are very active during the nighttime hours. They are capable of traveling up to 100 feet every night, which is fairly significant, when you considering their small size. Of course, the parasite is not going to stroll very far from their host, because they will not survive very long without food. It has been determined by scientific studies that a bedbug will remain within 8 feet of their host, so they do not have to travel very far to feed.

Feeding Habits

An immature bedbug will need to feed every night, but an adult can survive up to several months without feasting on blood. In order to keep their presence a secret, they will only feed during the nighttime hours. Most victims do not even realize that they are a victim, until they discover small red, edematous bite marks on their body.


Once the victim realizes that their home is infested with bedbugs, then they will begin to exhibit anxiety to the point that they suffer from insomnia. If you are exhibiting anxiety and restlessness, you should not hesitate to contact an exterminator in Cincinnati and select a bed bug treatment that is suitable for your wallet and needs.

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How To Determine If You Have Bed Bugs

bedbug_on_fingerDo you fear that you are suffering from a bed bug infestation? You are not alone, because millions of people ask the very same question every day. When it comes right down to it the only way to tell if you actually have a bed bug problem is by producing a sample of the bug. You should never automatically make the assumption that you have a bed bug problem, just because you wake up with bite marks on your body. Not even a medical professional can determine if a bite mark is caused by a bed bug.

Analyzing Bites

If you are experiencing bites, but have yet to see any bugs you need to analyze the situation. For instance, are you waking up in the morning with bites that were not there when you went to sleep? If this is the case, then there is a good chance that you are dealing with bed bugs. Bed bugs usually come out to feed during the late hours of the night, while you are asleep, which is why you should not delay in contacting Bed Bug Removal in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Also keep in mind, just because you haven’t found any actual bugs, it does not mean that they aren’t there. Bed bugs are often times very hard to spot because they like to hide in the most inconspicuous places. Sometimes you can spot signs of bed bugs without ever even seeing a bug. Bed bugs will leave fecal matter behind and you can also sometimes spot dried blood on your bedding. This would be an indication that the bug had been feeding on you.

However, it is still best to have an actual sample of the bug. Below you will learn information about how you can find an actual bed bug.

Visual Inspection

Start by examining you bed and bed frame very closely. Look under the sheets, and along the edges of the mattress. If the situation calls for it, remove the mattress and examine the box springs. With this being said, it is hard to spot bed bugs during a visual inspection so other methods may be required.

Interception Devices and Active Monitors

Interception devices are like traps that can be installed under the legs of your bed and furniture. Since these critters like to move around, these devices will trap them as they move from your furniture to your bed. It is recommended to leave the devices installed for 2 to 4 weeks and inspect them once every few days.

Active monitors are a little bit different, because they use chemical lures to attract the bed bugs. While these monitors are highly effective, they are a bit more costly than the interception devices.

Mattress and Box Springs Encasements

A mattress and box spring encasement is a protective cover that will zip up over your box springs and mattress. These devices are a bit more expensive, but they can be instrumental, when it comes to detecting bed bugs and protecting against bed bugs.


After you have complete the about steps and you have determined that you have a bed bug infestation, you will likely need to contact a professional for Bed Bug Removal in Cincinnati.



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Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Work And Is It Your Best Option?


Bed bugs are parasites, which mean they feed on the blood of a host. A host that is usually humane or canine. They are very hard to kill and even harder to spot. Most people believe they cannot be seen with the human eye, but that is just a popular misconception. It is because they are so hard to spot it why people believe that. Mattresses, box springs, baseboards, and carpet are all very popular destinations for bed bugs. These critters usually like to stay within a few meters of their host, so they will have easy access to their food source.

While there are many different treatments for bed bugs, one treatment that has had a lot of controversy is the heat treatment. There are actually several different forms of bed bug heat treatment. A heat source will kill bed bugs if the heat is hot enough. However, success of treatment really depends on early detection and if the treatment is done correctly. Below you will learn more information about bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati.


Hot Box Treatment

Hot boxes are the perfect solution for furniture, mattresses, box springs, shoes, clothes, and even luggage. Bed bugs will start to die out at anywhere from 117 degrees Fahrenheit to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The walls of a hot box can reach higher temperatures than these. However, the temperature source that heats the hot box is the most important part. If the process is not done correctly, it can cause fires, so caution and know how it is a big must with this method.

Also, keep in mind that there are some items that can be damaged if heated to these temperatures.


Steam Treatment

A stream treatment is also another form of heat treatment that can kill adult bed bugs, larvae, and eggs. Unfortunately, steam treatment is not meant to be hot enough to kill those hidden bed bugs. However, this treatment can be used several times without damaging items that are sensitive to heat. This treatment usually works best on box springs, bed frames, curtains, pillows, sheets, and clothing.


Household Dryers


A household dryer can produce enough heat to kill be

d bug. In fact just washing items in hot soapy water in your washer can kill bed bugs. However, there are many items that are not applicable for washing or drying. If you want to try the dryer to kill bed bugs it is recommended to dry on high for at least 20 minutes. Also keep in mind that you want to keep your freshly washed items away from items that many be infested.


Home/Building Heat Treatment


If the infestation has spread too far and wide, you may have to result to the home/building heat treatment. Licensed professionals can only perform this method because it involves bringing special equipment into the home. The special equipment will heat the entire home above 117 degrees F, thus killing out all the bed bugs.



Now, that you know a little bit more about bed bug heat treatment you can choose your desired method. If you are in need of further assistance you can seek bed bug heat treatment in Cincinnati.

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All There Is To Know About Bed Bugs

bed_bug_exterminationOver the course of many years, homeowners have waged an uphill battle against a variety of different creatures, critters and pests. Each of these critters presents a unique problem, which needs to be rectified as quickly a possible. Allowing an infestation to linger will only allow it to worsen. This is especially true, when it comes to the bed bugs in Cincinnati. Eliminating these bugs, before the problem can become overwhelming is essential. Within this guide, you will learn about the various bed bug treatment options Cincinnati has to offer.

Ways To Confirm An Infestation

Before delving into your treatment options, you should first confirm the presence of these pests. There are numerous ways to do this, but often times, it is best to inspect your own body. You know your body better than anyone and you know whether or not bumps and bites were present in the past. Inspect your body and see if strange red bites have formed on your body. If they have, you will want to begin taking the problem more serious than ever before.

Next, you should check your home’s bed sheets and furniture. Be sure to look carefully for red bloodstains and brown excrement marks. Bedbugs tend to leave these signs everywhere they roam, so pay close attention to both. If you’ve been able to identify bedbugs in your home, it is time to take action and put an end to their reign.

Finding A Solution

 Now, you should slowly begin examining your potential solutions. There is more than a handful and each can be very effective. Of course, it is highly likely that only one will suit your individualistic needs. First, you may want to contemplate taking action on your own. If you’re somewhat of a control freak, you will definitely want to tackle the task, without assistance. Unfortunately, this isn’t always effective and may require several days of treatment, before the problem will be solved completely.


 Over the years, chemicals and sprays have been used consistently to eliminate a handful of different pests, including bedbugs. This process can be effective, but some worry about the harmful side effects of the chemicals. Also, these techniques will generally need to be carried out for a few days, before the bugs will be completely eradicated. This makes sprays and chemicals too time consuming and ineffective for many consumers.

Heat Treatment

 Last, but certainly not least, there is one other way to eliminate those pesky bedbugs roaming around in Cincinnati. There is a new technology, which is capable of heating up the infected home. When the home reaches an immensely high temperature, the bed bugs will be killed. This is undoubtedly the best and most effective way to solve the problem. With heat treatments, the consumer will not need to remove furniture from the home and potentially harmful chemicals can be avoided.

All In All

 At the end of the day, the consumer has options, when attempting to eliminate their home’s bedbugs. By analyzing each of these solutions, you will likely come to the conclusion that the heat option is the best. It is more effective and convenient than the rest. With this in mind, you should definitely incorporate it into the treatment of your home, so you can reclaim your life!

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